Mexico’s Synthetic Slag Commissions: How to Protect the Environment

Mexico’s Synthetic Slag Commissions: How to Protect the Environment

July 18, 2021 Comments Off on Mexico’s Synthetic Slag Commissions: How to Protect the Environment By admin

Synthetic slags have become a major issue in Mexico.

A report published last year by the United Nations’ World Bank and UNICEF found that Mexico’s slag production had jumped by about 1,000 tonnes between 2013 and 2015, but this year has been particularly bad.

Mexico is home to some of the world’s largest concentrations of synthetic slag, accounting for almost 40 per cent of all synthetic slags produced in the world.

The problem has also been worsened by a lack of protective measures in place to prevent slag from getting into the water, sewage and other wastewater systems.

Mexico’s government has proposed several measures to help protect the environment.

The main one is the construction of an ocean wall.

The idea is to prevent the slag that’s floating on the ocean floor from entering the sea.

This wall would cover the entire ocean, from the deepest to the shallowest part.

However, this has not been implemented yet, as many of the countries slag factories are located in the United States.

The second big problem with the wall is that it requires a lot of water.

According to the United Nation, the slags currently produced in Mexico account for about half of the waste generated in the country.

According a recent report by the OECD, Mexico currently has one of the highest levels of water pollution in the OECD.

Mexico also has a number of other problems.

For example, the country is not a member of the World Trade Organisation, meaning that it is subject to tariffs.

The country is also not an EU member, meaning it has its own restrictions on its trade and access to the European market.

The final big problem for Mexico is that the slagged industry is heavily reliant on foreign labor.

The US currently employs more than a million people in the industry, but it is also one of Mexico’s biggest export markets.

In 2018, Mexico lost $15.6 billion in exports, according to the OECD and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).


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