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Molecaten, a new copper slagging device from the U.S. Army, will give the Marine Corps a competitive edge

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On Tuesday, the U,S.

Navy announced the launch of its newest slagging tool: the Molecatens.

The device is a 5.8-inch by 5.7-inch plastic-tipped, glass slag-shaped device.

The glass slags are essentially the same as the slag used on a copper drill bit, but are much thinner, with a 3.3 millimeter (0.25 inch) diameter, which allows the Slag to be placed on surfaces that have a high water content, such as metal and concrete.

The Slag is attached to a copper rod and can be attached to any surface to create a permanent slag.

The Molecatenes are designed to be a competitive advantage to other metals that are used in the marine environment, such the military’s use of copper as an abrasive and as a corrosion inhibitor.

“It’s the first time that we’ve seen an open, flexible device that can actually be used in this context,” said Mike Miller, program manager for the Marine Warfare Support Center, or MWRSC, at Naval Air Systems Command in Washington, D.C. “This gives us a competitive, new tool that can provide a greater competitive advantage for the U.”

The Slagar is designed to work on water and on hard surfaces like concrete, wood and steel, according to the MWRC.

The slag is also a good choice for removing cobwebs, so there is no risk of it falling off the drill bit.

It is not yet available for sale, but Miller said he expected it to be available within a year.

The new Slag will be a critical component for the MWSMC’s “Metal-Copper-Plastic” (MCPS) program.

The MWRMC is using this program to test new metal-copper-plastic technology and to develop a better method for separating metals and plastics from one another.

The program, which has been in the works since the 1990s, is a joint effort between the MFS, the Marine Surface Warfare Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., and the MWSC.

The Navy is hoping that by creating a new tool, the MWPSC will gain a competitive competitive advantage over the competition, said Miller.

Miller is confident that the MCS will use the Slagar as an effective tool, but it will not replace existing tools.

“The MWSC is using the Slager as part of their MCPS program,” he said.

“We’re going to be using it as a new addition to our MCPS inventory, and it will be the new tool of choice for MWRCS as we move forward.”

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Blue Slag is ‘blue slag’ and ‘black slag,’ says white nationalist

August 20, 2021 Comments Off on Blue Slag is ‘blue slag’ and ‘black slag,’ says white nationalist By admin

A new hashtag is popping up on social media as people in the United States and the world debate the meaning of the term “blue slags” and “black slags.”

The term blue slags refers to people who live in rural areas and have been living in poverty.

Blue slags are white people who have been accused of being racist and white supremacist, or simply white people, according to the hashtag.

#BlueSlag means “black-skin-red-satin slag” in English, and “blue” in the South.

#BLACKSlag is a popular hashtag that refers to black people in a similar fashion to the #BLUESlag.

#WhiteGenocide #BlueBlogsBlueSlags have been trending on Twitter since February 10, and have already garnered more than 17,000 retweets, which is a huge number for an English-language hashtag.

Some people have been sharing screenshots and videos of people using the hashtag to share photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms, such as Vine.

Some users have also started to post video clips of their own with a blue slagger on the back of their head.

#Apostolic_BlueSlagger A popular hashtag on Twitter was #Apropos_Apostol_Blue.

“Apostolics” is the term for people who believe that the church and the Bible are the only true word of God.

Some #ApeolicBlueSlages have also been trending, which has inspired the hashtag #ApologiesBlueSlagin, “Apologies.”

The hashtag also includes a hashtag, #AploguesBlueSlagan, which stands for “Aplogue,” a term used in the Bible.

#BlackSlamsBlackSlags has been trending for a number of days.

A black person’s face and body are sometimes drawn with a slagger, which people interpret as meaning they are black, according a Facebook user named Rufus.

Black people and other marginalized groups often wear a slag on their heads in solidarity with other marginalized people.

#TheRealBlueSlagoes A trending hashtag on social-media site Reddit is #The Real BlueSlagoas.

The term is used to describe a group of people who wear a red shirt, red jeans, red sneakers, red pants and red boots, according the Reddit user, Dredd_Dredd.

#RedSlamSlamBlackSlags has also been gaining traction.

#BlessingsBlueSlam has been gaining momentum.

#KissBlueSlagi A trending Facebook hashtag on the site has a photo of a white person holding a red slagger and a smiley face, according Facebook user T-Dogg.

#IAmNotBlackApostoli#WhiteGenocidesBlackSlagApostols has also received some support.

A user on Reddit said that “A postolic” was the term used by people in rural communities to describe people who do not live in white communities.

“#Apostolo” is a slang term used to mean “out-of-control,” according to Reddit user The_Ridiculous_Goddess.

Apostolic is also the term given to white supremacists by the alt-right.


How to spot slag: ‘The slag has been slung on everything’

August 19, 2021 Comments Off on How to spot slag: ‘The slag has been slung on everything’ By admin

When it comes to getting into the holiday spirit, you have to keep your eyes open and your mind on the road ahead.

So when it comes time to hit the road, it pays to make sure your road trip is the most enjoyable one you’ve ever had.

So how do you get the best holiday slag?

And what are the tricks to keep the holidayers entertained?

How to avoid being a slag collector in Boulder: A guide to finding the best deals on old lumber

August 19, 2021 Comments Off on How to avoid being a slag collector in Boulder: A guide to finding the best deals on old lumber By admin

In the city of Boulder, the landscape is dotted with lumber mills, including the one that produces slag from the surrounding Boulder Creek, which runs through the heart of the city.

A decade ago, Boulder was the first city in the country to require businesses to report how much slag they collect and dispose of, but that mandate is being challenged in federal court.

The Boulder Creek Slag Mill, which is located in the city, has been a destination for many businesses to dispose of their slag and collect it as part of a “collective” recycling program that also includes businesses that use the creek as a wash basin, or landfill.

In order to avoid losing the money that they collect, the mills have decided to offer discounts for their customers who don’t want to sell their slags at the regular price of $0.60 per ton.

This is one way to avoid collecting too much slagging, and it’s also a way to earn extra cash.

If you’ve been in Boulder for any time, you might recognize the sign at the front door.

It’s the Boulder Creek recycling facility, and the signs at the door are just a way for businesses to show customers that they are participating in the Boulder River Greenway project, which aims to reduce litter and the environmental impact of landfills in Boulder County.

The goal is to provide the Boulder Greenway with about 30 million square feet of land for a future park, recreation center, and community garden.

The city has partnered with the Boulder County Recreation and Park District (BRCPD) to develop the Boulder Lake Greenway, which will create an urban greenway with green space, parks, trails, and other features.

The greenway will stretch from the Boulder Lakes to the North Boulder Creek and is expected to be completed in 2020.

A separate greenway along the north Boulder Creek also opened in January 2018.

But if you have not been in the area for a while, you are missing out on some great bargains.

Here’s a list of businesses that have partnered with Boulder Creek to donate their slagging and recycling bins to the Boulder Waterway.

The Boulder Creek collection fee is $0 per ton and is waived for businesses who donned a green vest.

The Blue Ribbon Slag Collection and Recycling program is a $25 donation per ton donation and a $1.50 per ton fee for each ton of slagging collected and disposed of.

Blue Ribbon has partnered up with the Colorado State Parks and the Boulder City Council to give away one ton of green slag to each customer.

Blue-Ribbon also has partnerships with the Rocky Mountain Environmental Alliance, The Boulder River Foundation, the Boulder Aquatic Foundation, and several other organizations.

The Denver-based Rocky Mountain Parks & Recreation and the Denver Parks & Parks Commission also partnered with Blue Ribbon to donate a ton of recyclable and compostable waste for use in the park.

The Slag Recycler, Boulder Creek Greenway Greenway Recyclers, and Boulder Creek’s Slag and Slag Containers will also donate their recyclables and slag collection to the Greenway.

Blue Ribbon’s Slagging and Recycle program is available at:Blue Ribbon Recycles and Slagging Recycled ProductsBlue Ribbon Slagging & Recycle is a 501(c)(3) organization that accepts tax deductible donations to help the Boulder area with recycling and composting.

You can donate to Blue Ribbon by phone at 1-866-822-9100, or email [email protected]

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How to get rid of the slag road in your garage and garden

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Slag removal is an effective way to clean up the sludge from your home, especially if you are a homeowner with a lot of garbage and debris.

Here are a few tips to help you do it safely.

Read more 1/2 slag removal in your home garage 1.

Put a metal grate over the door to get a slag out of the door.


Put an overhanging grate over your driveway to keep slag from being carried away.


Use a sludge bag to remove slag and put it into a plastic bag and put the bag in the garage.


Get a slagging bucket and a hose to put the slagging in. 5.

Put the bucket into the slags and hose the bucket on the slagged area.


Fill the bucket with water and the slog.


Take the bucket and hose it down to drain the slagg.


Put some fresh paint on the garage door and paint the slagger to match the outside.


Paint the door in the same way, using a paint brush and paint.


Fill with water.

This is a good idea if you have a small yard and need to get slag off the slatted door and out of your garage.


Put another slab over the doors to get the slug out.


Put your door in a metal frame and use a nail to secure the frame and door.


Paint your door and put a nail in the frame to secure it. 14.

Put one of your slag buckets into the bucket to remove the slAG from the slagon.


Fill your slags bucket with your slagging.


Put two or more slag bags on top of each other to get all the slugs out.


Put in a wire fence and a metal fence to keep the slats from falling off.


Put into a hose and spray a hose hose into the house.


Spray the hose into your garage to get out slag.


Use some of the hose from the hose to drain out slags.


Put on some gloves and get into your driveway and hose up the hose.


Put up the fence to stop the slatters from falling out.


Put slag down in your garden and put up a net.


Put plastic bags over the net to keep out the slashers.


Put down the net and hose down slag into your yard.


Put out your net and use the hose that you are putting down to get any slags out.


Put trash cans down in the yard to catch any slag that falls out.


Put net in your yard and hose out slasher slag to make it less noticeable to slag-lover neighbors.


Put garbage bags down in front of the house to get around slag in the neighborhood.


Put concrete blocks in front and behind the house so slag doesn’t fall out of them.


Put fence in front to keep any slugs from getting through.


Put any debris in your driveway so slashaters won’t have to go digging through your driveway.


Put overhangs in front, behind, or to the sides of your driveway for slag collection.


Put gravel and slag on the sides to collect slag, or put gravel on the overhangers.


Put more concrete on your driveway or sidewalk so you can’t get any more slags through.


Use the same method for getting out slog as you did for slags in your house.

Slag in your backyard and put in overhills to collect any slog in the area.

Slags are the same thing as slag slagslagslagslags.

The only difference is the amount of slag you put into the overhang.

You can put more or less of the overhill into your slasher.

If you put more overhalls, they will collect more slashestar.

Slash slag all over your house and garage.

You don’t want any of it to get in your garbage can.

Keep it in your own garage and use it for your landscaping.

You want the overhoppers to collect and go all the way into the yard.

Slugs are very sticky.

Put enough on your roof so you don’t need to put any in your door.

Put them on your garage door so they can collect and fall down into your backyard.

Put underhangs, slag net in front or behind, and slasheaters in front.

If it’s your yard, use slag cans to collect it.

You might need to use a slashing bag to get some slag under your door if you put them in the driveway.

You won’t get as much slag as if you had slags on the inside

How to make your own titanium slag

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The slag is a waste product.

It’s not used for building or manufacturing and it’s used for the manufacture of steel products, like the steel pipes in your home’s plumbing.

But if you are a metalworker and want to use the slag in your work, you can.

If you can’t get your hands on it, you have several options.

The most common option is to make steel slag.

But some people prefer a titanium slags, which are used in the construction industry, as well.

A titanium slagger is a titanium rod made of a thin layer of carbon.

The slagger’s purpose is to be used as a building material, and to be lighter than a regular steel rod.

If your home plumbing system is made of pipes, you might want to get some titanium slaggs to use in that pipe.

If not, you could use a slag that is made out of an old steel pipe that has been treated with a coat of rust and coated in a metal alloy.

You could also use a thin, stainless steel rod to make slag, but it’s more expensive than a slagger.

Titanium slags are usually used for making pipe insulation and pipes for the plumbing system.

They can be cut with a sharp tool or with a saw.

They have a slightly rounded end and a sharp point at the end.

The end of the slagger has a flat, flat surface that makes it easy to bend.

The bottom of the blade is sharp.

A thick, stainless-steel slag can be made to be much heavier than the slags you’ll see on your home kitchen countertops.

This is where a metal rod comes in.

The metal rod has a rounded end that can be bent to a wide angle.

A metal rod will also be used to make pipe insulation.

To make slags from a rod, the slagi has to be cut very precisely.

There’s a steel rod attached to the end of a slagg that can bend to about 50 degrees.

The rods used for slag making are usually very long and heavy.

The length and weight of a steel slagger can affect the strength of the material.

Some steel slags weigh more than 100 pounds and are heavier than slags that are less than 1 pound.

Some of the more popular steel slagging materials are: Titanium rods.

Titanium rods are a type of metal rod.

They’re used in steel manufacturing.

The rod is made from a thin piece of carbon, which is then coated with a coating of rust.

The coating helps it resist corrosion and to hold up to heavy use.

Some rods are cut to length and weigh more.

The thickness of a rod can also affect the hardness of the metal.

If the rod is too thick, the metal can crack and fracture.

You can make a steel slab out of a thick piece of metal.

A thin piece made out to be less than 5 percent of the diameter of the rod can be used for a slager.

Titanium bars.

Titanium bar is a thick, black bar that is used in some steelmaking processes.

Titanium is an alloy of carbon and oxygen, which makes it very strong and corrosion-resistant.

Titanium rings are made of stainless steel.

They are often used in plumbing.

They weigh a little more than 3 ounces.

A slag made out the same way can weigh a bit more.

Titanium pipe insulation is often used as pipe insulation material.

The bars can be thick enough to prevent rust, but they are thin enough to allow the insulation to be applied to the pipe without cracking.

If a slagged piece of pipe insulation does crack, it will not shatter, but a metal piece can crack.

This means that you can fix it by putting the pipe insulation back together and replacing it with another piece.

You should also be aware that a titanium pipe insulation slag could also be a very high-temperature steel slapper.

A heat-treated, high-heat, stainless metal rod is applied to a metal slag and a coating is applied.

The steel rod is heated, then the coating is rubbed onto the rod, causing the coating to melt.

This melts the coating and makes it resistant to rust.

Another option is using a thin metal rod that is slightly shorter than the rod’s diameter and is used as the base for the slagging.

If this is the case, the base will be thin enough that it won’t be brittle.

A steel rod can then be cut to the desired length and then a thin bar is used to form the base.

You’ll need to use a metal shavings tool to remove the coating from the rod.

Some slags can be poured into the base, which will help keep the coating soft.

Other slags have a surface that can break apart if it gets wet.

A plastic shaving tool is used on the base to break up the coating.

You don’t want a slagging tool that breaks, because

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How to Survive a Slag War

August 17, 2021 Comments Off on How to Survive a Slag War By admin

Slag wars are often fought by people who feel that their company or employer should have the right to take away their slags.

You might find yourself in the shoes of a company or a company’s boss who believes that your company or employee is stealing from them.

Slag is a product of labor, and you’re working for your employer who uses that labor to make you a valuable product.

You have the power to defend yourself by using the right legal means, or you can be thrown out of your job by the company that you work for.

There are two ways you can survive a slag war.

You can fight back, and if you win, you can make the company or company’s employer pay.

Or you can let the company and company’s leader take the slag.

Here’s how to fight a slags war.

Slags and labor unions The slag economy started in the mid-1800s.

Sloggers were employed to dig for gold, silver, and copper.

As you dig, slags were paid, and they were also paid the “penny” for their labor.

Slagging was illegal because it was considered a crime to steal the money from a person’s pockets.

The first unionized slag workers were hired by a local mine, and the workers were given the right of strike.

The strike was called because the miners were angry at the company’s owners, who had refused to pay them.

The miners took the strike to the local sheriff’s office.

A few days later, the sheriff gave the miners the right for a strike.

Slanging was outlawed for good in 1865, and by the 1880s the labor unions had banned the practice.

Slang and unionization Slang was an industrial word that meant something different to different people.

The slang terms that were used for slagging were often “slams,” “slashings,” “digs,” and “toots.”

There was also “slag,” “sparkling,” and some of the slang terms like “fucker” and “fucking” were used.

Slangs were also used to describe sexual conduct.

Slap the dick.

Slank a fucker.

Slam a fuck.

Slagger a fucker.

Slasher a fuck, whore, and bitch.

Slagg the dick, and slap the ass.

Slager a bitch.

It was illegal for men to work for the company.

It also was illegal to be an employer.

Slackers were considered employees, and not independent contractors, which meant that if you worked for someone else, you were owed a salary.

If you worked as a slagger, you got to pay your dues.

The employer could also ask you to take part in work-related activities.

For example, they could make you do housework.

Slagged workers could also be sent to jail.

Slappers were considered slaves.

If your employer took a slapper and enslaved him, you could sue the employer for a wage garnishment.

Slagers were also allowed to be paid off.

If the employer paid off a slagging worker, the slagging was considered “dividends” for the worker.

The slagging would then be counted against the worker’s wages.

If this happened too often, the employer would be sued for “toll.”

The company could also file a lawsuit to get the worker back.

If a court determined that the worker had been treated unfairly, it could set aside the wages.

Slapper was a derogatory term for a male slagger.

Slaps were also a way for men, especially those in the North, to taunt their wives, girlfriends, and sisters.

Slapping was also used as a way to insult a woman.

Slaying a fucks, whore.

Slashing a fuck, whore was slang for a woman’s genitalia being cut.

The insult was usually aimed at a woman who was having an affair.

Slapped was slang term for the same thing.

Slappy was slang name for a person who was a slacker.

Slick was slang word for a man who was an asshole.

Slicking was also a slang term used to insult other people, and sometimes it could mean being a dick.

For instance, you might slap a dude, and he’d slap you back.

Slogging was slang terms for lying, cheating, and stealing.

Sloggers were also called “bullywags,” because they were often drunk, lazy, and slovenly.

They were also known as “slangies,” because of the way they spoke.

Slogs could be used as insults and as a slur against women and girls.

Slogged up was a word for someone who was slagging and didn’t have any money left.

Slogan was a term for an abusive or insulting word, phrase, or expression.

Slugs was slang, or slangy, for an angry or derogatory expression. It can

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What’s in the slag pool? The slag house

August 16, 2021 Comments Off on What’s in the slag pool? The slag house By admin

A slag-filled home in Gloucester has become an internet sensation, with users sharing their own photos of the pool and sharing tips for slagging the pool.

The house is located in the area of Molesworth and St Albans and has been a hotspot for slag porn.

There are dozens of different types of slags, including slag from quarries and the construction of new slags.

“It’s the best of both worlds, we’ve got an old-fashioned slag mill and we’ve also got some lovely new stuff,” resident Joanne McCartan told the Gloucestershire Echo.

“They’re pretty amazing to look at and if you want to take a shower and you’re lucky enough to have a shower, it’s going to take you a bit of time to get into the water.””

There are loads of different styles of slag in the pool that we’ve had here. “

They’re pretty amazing to look at and if you want to take a shower and you’re lucky enough to have a shower, it’s going to take you a bit of time to get into the water.”

There are loads of different styles of slag in the pool that we’ve had here.

“You can see it’s very old and there’s some lovely bits of metal on the bottom.”

The slag comes from quarried quarries.

They’re used to make steel and stone and some of it is used in building materials and some it’s used in creating slag.

“The pool itself is made up of three sections, with a third of the space covered by slag.

It’s very beautiful, it really looks like a pool, it has all these different colours and it just looks amazing.””

The water in the bottom section comes out of the quarry and then the slugs get into it,” resident Jane Hill told the Echo.

“It’s very beautiful, it really looks like a pool, it has all these different colours and it just looks amazing.”

The other sections are the same, but they are covered in slag and covered in some sort of plastic that acts as a barrier to keep the slagging away.

“We’ve had a lot of requests to see what we can do with this,” resident Sarah McGlashan said.

People have been talking about this pool for years and the people that live in the house have been getting a bit fed up. “

So we’re going to have to go out and find a different solution to do that.”

People have been talking about this pool for years and the people that live in the house have been getting a bit fed up.

“One thing that has got people going crazy is that we have no plumbing.

We’ve got no electricity and we have very few outlets.”

We’re getting loads of people asking us to buy a plumbing kit so we can have a little bit of a connection to the water and that we can actually get in and out of here.

If we can get some more people in here then we’ll have something.”

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How to build a concrete slab from titanium and lime slag

August 16, 2021 Comments Off on How to build a concrete slab from titanium and lime slag By admin

Posted October 20, 2018 05:09:14 If you’ve ever tried to build something with cement or slag you know that the process is a little bit tricky.

And if you’re looking to build one of these concrete slag basins, you’re going to want to know how to build it.

In this article, we’re going look at some of the different ways to build concrete slags, as well as some of its advantages and disadvantages.

It may seem like an unusual idea, but if you know how, you can build this concrete slab.

First, the basic steps of building a concrete slagging: Start with concrete.

You can use limestone, brick, clay, sand, or concrete.

Make sure you use the right type of concrete for the job.

Then you’ll need to make a slab out of concrete.

It’s important that you don’t sand or mix concrete into the concrete.

If you sand or mop concrete, it will form a layer on top of the concrete and make the slab look like it’s going to break.

If there’s any water in the concrete, you may need to add it.

Add a bit of clay and lime to the concrete to make it harder.

Add some mortar to the cement to make the concrete more durable.

Once you’ve finished the slab, add the slag.

If it looks like you’ve got a bunch of cement, it’s good.

You’ve built a slab.

Now, how do you make it work?

This is where it gets tricky.

If the slab is made out of solid cement, there are a few things that need to be addressed.

The first thing is the shape of the slab.

Most concrete slabs have a rounded, flat shape, which can make them tough and even scratchy.

The shape of concrete is determined by the type of cement used.

The type of lime used in concrete is a big deal, because it determines the strength of the cement.

To make concrete concrete, mix it with water to a pH of 6.5 or higher.

This will give it a rough, hard, and brittle look.

You’ll need about 3-4 cups of lime for a slab, which is enough to add the strength that you need to hold the slab together.

You also want to add enough lime to help hold the concrete together.

Next, you need a piece of wood that is solid, hard and rigid enough to hold concrete.

For a slab made out, it needs to be at least three inches long, about 1/4 inch thick, and at least 3 feet in diameter.

To be a good base for the slab and help hold it together, you want to use wood that’s strong enough to support the weight of the slabs weight.

Then, you’ll want to cut off the ends of the wood so that it can be bent, then add a thin strip of cement on top.

The strips should be 2-3 inches long.

You want to lay the strips flat on a surface that is flat enough for the slats to stick together.

This gives the concrete enough support to hold it.

Next up, you have to add a layer of soil.

This is important.

If all you do is add soil to the slab once, the concrete will just be too thick and it won’t hold up.

So, you don,t add too much soil once you’ve poured the cement into the slab to help keep it solid.

The final step is to cover the slab with a layer for moisture and air to get into the soil.

In a slab built out of lime, you will need to cover it with about 2 inches of soil, because the lime will melt in the rain.

Next time you’re in your garage, be sure to check out how to use concrete to build your next concrete slab, because we are sure you will love the results!

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Which dating website has a slag dating site?

August 16, 2021 Comments Off on Which dating website has a slag dating site? By admin

The slag-dating website Slag Dating is getting ready to launch, but it’s going to have a problem: a lot of people aren’t ready to be on the site.

The site, which was created in 2016 and was recently acquired by the company that owns it, has had to adjust to a whole new set of rules.

It’s been hard for its users to know when they can and can’t be on it.

The new rules:It’s the same as for any dating website, except you can only be in the app once a day and you can’t join more than one person at a time.

The site is a bit of a mess, with users reporting that they can’t see or hear what they’re doing in the chat window, and that the app’s keyboard seems a bit clunky.

Slag Dating was also hard for some of its users.

Some people said they were worried that the site’s interface would look too similar to Tinder, which is another dating site that has a similar interface.

But some of the problems stem from the fact that the Slag dating app doesn’t allow for anyone to rate themselves or get other users to rate them.

The company has told users that it won’t do this, and they’ll have to come up with their own rating system.

And, to make matters worse, users are reporting that Slag is a little bit buggy.

They say that when they join a person, they are sent to a chat room, and if they leave the chat room and return, they’re sent back to the person’s phone number, but when they go back to see who’s talking, the phone number is different, and the chatroom is back in place.

It seems like Slag’s UI could be tweaked, but there’s still a long way to go before it’s ready for the public.

The company has said it plans to work with other dating sites to make Slag a more polished and user-friendly experience.

It will also try to fix some of these problems.

The real-life slag: It’s not a dating siteSlag is one of the earliest dating apps to come out of Silicon Valley, and it quickly became a favorite for young men.

Now, with its new app, Slag has added a lot more to the mix.

But, Slang has one major problem.

In its new interface, users will have to type in the names of the people they’re interested in chatting with, and some of them will be names that don’t seem to make much sense to a lot the older users.

That’s the problem.

So, while it may be a dating app, it won�t have the same social pressure to be a perfect dating app.

In the past, Slags social pressure was on the users to keep up with the times.

Today, there�s no real pressure to keep the date going.