How to Make a Coal Slag Tank

How to Make a Coal Slag Tank

September 2, 2021 Comments Off on How to Make a Coal Slag Tank By admin

New York magazine has released a fascinating new video series highlighting the process of making the iconic smelting tank from coal slags.

In the video, we see an iron ore miner working through an elaborate, intricate process of combining the slag into a form resembling a coal slagen tank.

The miner pulls the slags from a stack to make a steel plate that is then poured into the tank.

Once the slugs have been pulled into the steel plate, the metal is melted and the slAG is poured back into the slagging pile.

The slag is then put back into its original form.

The process is a labor-intensive one and takes between six and eight hours.

The video series, titled “Slag Tanks: How to make Coal Slags,” features some of the best-known mining sites in the United States, such as West Virginia’s Powder River Basin, the Bakken formation in North Dakota, and the Powder River Gold District in Wyoming.

The series was created by Andrew Schaeffer, a producer for the series, which has been produced by the New York Times.

“I wanted to share the stories of those who make the steel slag from slag and coal to tell the story of how it’s made, the people who make it, and how it is mined,” Schaeff said in a statement.

“I hope the series will inspire people to consider mining for themselves and to consider taking a more hands-on approach to the coal industry.”