What we know about the dust-up that led to the shutdown of Slag Processing on Pennsylvania’s Pennsylania-Sussex border

What we know about the dust-up that led to the shutdown of Slag Processing on Pennsylvania’s Pennsylania-Sussex border

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The dust-ups that led the shutdown and the shutdown that followed are coming back to haunt Trump, and the president is blaming the shutdowns on the shutdown, not the Republicans.

But that is a mistake.

The president’s blame is completely wrong, according to the Congressional Research Service.

The shutdowns were the result of the shutdown debate, not Republicans, and it was Republicans who had the power to shut down government operations in the first place.

So, what is wrong with the president’s characterization?

The first problem is the idea that shutdowns and the debt ceiling are somehow linked.

The two events have different causes and have nothing to do with each other.

The first is the shutdown in October 2013.

At the time, Republicans wanted to reduce the debt limit and shut down the government, but it failed because Democrats and Republicans voted against it.

The debt limit was later increased to $16.7 trillion, and then to $18.2 trillion in March 2014.

But the debt-limit increase was a mistake, and this time the shutdown is the fault of Democrats and the Republicans who opposed it.

As the president has said, the shutdown was not Republicans doing the shutdown.

It was Democrats who shut down everything.

The second problem is that Trump says that shutdown, the debt and the shuttering of government operations are linked.

This is not the case.

The Congressional Research Services said the shutdown happened as a result of “Congress and the Administration having not reached agreement on the budget.”

But the shutdown didn’t happen because Congress and the administration were unable to agree on a budget.

Congress passed a budget that year, and there were no shutdowns because the spending restrictions on federal spending were lifted by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

The last time Congress passed such a budget was in 2013.

So the shutdown wasn’t caused by Republicans or Democrats not reaching an agreement on a spending bill.

But what did happen was that Congress passed the budget, which allowed for government operations to resume.

The next year, in October 2017, the budget passed again and the government was allowed to resume operations.

This was because Congress did not pass a spending plan.

It didn’t pass a budget, so the shutdown continued.

The final issue is that there was a debt limit, and that debt limit shutdown occurred as a consequence of the debt limits being raised.

This debt limit increase was the result not of Congress not agreeing on a fiscal policy, but of the Republican-controlled House and Senate voting to raise the debt caps.

And the debt cap was raised by the president, as a way to force Congress to pass a fiscal strategy for dealing with the country’s problems.

Trump has used this as an excuse to justify his continued insistence that he doesn’t care about the budget and the country, and he is right.

But it is also important to understand that the shutdown came about as a direct result of Republicans blocking an agreement between Democrats and Republican-led Republicans to raise taxes.

They refused to raise revenues to pay for their massive spending demands.

They also refused to accept the compromise of raising taxes on the rich and reducing the deficit.

That compromise was rejected by both parties in the Senate and by Congress as well as by the American people in November.

As a result, the economy plunged into recession.

And now, Republicans have shut down federal operations, including government operations, for six weeks, even though the country still owes more in taxes than it has in revenues.

It is important to remember that the debt limitation has nothing to with Republicans or with the shutdown as a whole.

Republicans were unwilling to allow the budget to pass.

They wanted to use the budget as a pretext to block the government from continuing operations, and they did that.

Now, the president says the shutdown began because Democrats blocked a deal.

That’s simply not true.

When Republicans blocked a budget deal in 2015, the nation was in a recession.

They did not want to raise revenue to pay down the nation’s debt.

And they wanted to make the economy worse by reducing the size of government and the number of federal workers.

But Democrats were willing to accept those cuts.

They agreed to allow them to happen, and by the way, the Obama administration also agreed to those cuts, so they are on record as agreeing to those tax cuts.

The problem is, Trump is wrong on this point.

The U.S. budget was never passed, and therefore no agreement was ever reached between Democrats, Republicans and the American public.

So Trump is right that the president was blaming the debt ceilings for the shutdown because Republicans blocked the budget deal that would have allowed government operations at the border to resume on December 31, 2018.

He is wrong that the budget was passed on December 30, 2017, and thus no agreement is in fact in the offing.

The American people did not vote to raise tax rates on the wealthy and cut spending in order to keep government operations open.

And yet, Trump and