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How to clean up slag heap in the slag pile in the Beaver Valley

October 8, 2021 Comments Off on How to clean up slag heap in the slag pile in the Beaver Valley By admin

The slag piles in the northern Beaver Basin are a place where people have buried themselves in the soil, and where a lack of planning can lead to the accumulation of dangerous and highly toxic chemicals.

The pile, called the Beavers’ Slag, was uncovered on Tuesday morning by a farmer, who was trying to get some water out of the tank in the cattle paddocks.

“I’m going to do the best I can, but I can’t do it all at once,” he said.

Mr Kowalski said the slags were littered with dead animal carcasses and the contents of a garbage can.

Some of the waste from the carcasses was also left behind, which the farmer said could be toxic to humans.

He said the farmer was not sure where the waste came from, but that it had likely come from cattle.

After he and his family had left the pile, he and another farmer were able to clear the soil of the animal carcass, but he said it was still a mess.

We are not sure what it is, but we know it’s a waste dump, and we know there’s a lot of animals there, he said, adding that it was a waste site for cattle.

The farmer, however, is not deterred by the situation.

I have to clean it up, he told Al Jazeera.

I am going to try to get my wife to take it home and keep it there.

A local farmer said it is not a good idea to go near the slagged-up soil.

“It’s like going into a dumpster,” he told AFP.

“There’s nothing there, there’s nothing to see.”

The Beavers have been living with slag for a long time, and in recent years the pile has become increasingly hazardous.

Earlier this year, the government declared the area a hazardous waste dump and warned of the potential risks associated with the accumulation and disposal of toxic waste.

Al Jazeera’s Nick Smith said the government’s warning was not a blanket warning of the area.

But Mr Kowumski said it does raise questions about the government and the mining industry’s commitment to clean-up work in the area, which is the largest and most profitable in the state.

“What’s the government going to have to do to get the people to clean the waste up?” he said in a telephone interview.

Environmental groups have raised concerns about the piles, arguing that the government has been slow to act to address the piles.

In October, the Environment Ministry said it would be a year before the dump site could be safely cleaned up.

And in December, the mining company Rio Tinto said it had not received any requests from authorities to remove the slagging from the site, despite having been warned by authorities to do so.

The dumping site is located in a remote area of the Beaconsfield area, a region where the region’s rich mining industry has long operated.

In the past, the area has seen a spate of mining accidents, most recently in 2011, when a mine shaft collapsed and sent large pieces of heavy equipment and workers to the ground.

The site is one of the most contaminated in the region, with toxic levels of the heavy metal cadmium found in groundwater, as well as a host of other pollutants.


How to Stop Being a Jerk, and Be a Happy Person!

September 30, 2021 Comments Off on How to Stop Being a Jerk, and Be a Happy Person! By admin

Posted January 18, 2018 11:53:59There’s a lot to like about the new-look, modern-day Slags, which also has the same cute, lovable attitude as its predecessor.

Slags have a good eye for humor and good communication skills, as well as a solid sense of style.

The best part about Slags is that they are so easy to spot as you’re getting ready for a day of hanging out in the park or on the beach.

If you’re not comfortable with this sort of casual socializing, Slags might not be for you.

As a new-to-slags slag, you probably have a bit of a learning curve.

You might need to practice talking to people in a certain way.

You probably have to practice keeping track of the different social groups you belong to and how you interact with others.

You may need to learn how to keep track of your social interactions, and be more careful about how you share and socialize with other people.

Slags are fun and easy to learn, but they’re not the most creative, or creative, slags around.

So, if you’re new to slagging, it might be best to take a break and see what Slags can do for you, rather than try to master them.


How to make an induction furnace from scratch

September 30, 2021 Comments Off on How to make an induction furnace from scratch By admin

When I was young, I was obsessed with building my own induction furnaces.

I could do it and it would work and it was a lot of fun, but there was always something about doing it yourself that scared me.

And it’s still scary to me to this day.

I don’t want to sound too presumptuous, but I’ve always been pretty self-assured, and I’ve been very fortunate.

I got to where I am today by just being my own boss.

The only thing that’s really scary is how much I still have to learn.

So I wanted to start with the basic things that I had to know, like how to make a small induction furnace.

I had already done my part, and the next step was to start making the big thing.

This is what I’ve made so far.

I made the induction furnace, which is made of wood, with my bare hands.

You could also make it from recycled materials like aluminum cans and cardboard.

It was actually quite fun to make, and it’s actually really cheap to make.

I learned how to cut it out of a scrap piece of wood and put it together.

It’s quite sturdy.

I didn’t use much glue, but the end result looks a bit like a mini-pizza oven.

It works great in a basement.

It can also be used in the backyard.

But I found out that induction furnace slag can be really hard to find in a backyard.

That’s where my family comes in.

We used to have a small garage in our house that used to be used for storage, but since then it’s been turned into an induction furnacing factory.

That is where we made our own furnace.

The furnace was made from a scrap metal that had been crushed by the furnace itself.

That meant it was pretty tough to work with.

So my family has been helping me make this new induction furnace since it was built.

We even built a giant fan to keep it cool in the attic.

Now I can’t wait to show it off!

I’m pretty proud of this project, and to have the community step up and help make it happen, it’s so great to be a part of.

I’m glad that my family was able to help.

It means a lot.

It gives me so much energy to work on my own projects and make things happen.

If you’ve ever wondered how to build an induction stove or made a grill from scrap metal, or how to get a little help from your friends, this article is for you.

I really hope you find this information useful.

If not, then I hope you’ll take a look at some of the amazing books I recommend to help you along the way.

If we didn’t already know it, we can be so much more than our everyday lives.

‘Fat Slags’ director Josh Singer on ‘Fat Girls’ coming to theaters, including an untitled feature

September 27, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Fat Slags’ director Josh Singer on ‘Fat Girls’ coming to theaters, including an untitled feature By admin

The next movie from Josh Singer is slated to hit theaters in 2019, but he is not exactly thrilled about it.

Singer, who directed Fat Girls, is currently working on a feature film adaptation of his memoir Fat Girls.

In an interview with EW, he said he doesn’t have a strong opinion on the film yet.

“I have my opinion about the film, but I don’t have an opinion about what happens to it yet,” he said.

“What I do know is that it’s not a project that I’m attached to.”

Singer went on to say he is currently in the process of writing the script for Fat Girls and that he has an outline in mind.

The story follows the lives of four friends who all live in a New York City apartment building, where they have to navigate their way through the various social ills of modern life.

“Fat Girls” is a follow-up to Singer’s 2015 book Fat Girls: Stories of a Lifetime, which chronicled his experience as a teenager.

It also stars Allison Williams, Kristen Wiig, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Lange, and others.

How to make the perfect slag at home

September 21, 2021 Comments Off on How to make the perfect slag at home By admin

Slag is one of those rare foods that can be found in a small handful of places in Germany, but there are a lot of other German-style food options for the home cook.

Here’s a guide to making your own slag from scratch.


What is slag?

Slag comes from the process of separating meat and bones.

It’s an excellent source of calcium and other minerals that you can add to your meals.

Slag can be used as a thickener, but it can also be used to cook a wide variety of recipes, from spaghetti sauce to pizza crusts.

It can be added to many recipes to add flavour and colour.

Slags are used as garnishes in many European countries, including the UK and Australia.

It is often made with lamb, pork or goat’s milk, although a few varieties also include rabbit, turkey, and pig.

Slaganis (slag bars) are also often used as the base for slag.

They’re made with minced pork and then covered with a thin layer of water.

You can make your own by soaking the meat in hot water and then boiling it for 20 minutes.

The slag can then be added, which is then cooked with a wooden stick or a griddle.

A few other recipes include the traditional beef and chicken slag or pork and cheese slag with mushrooms, bacon and ham.

A popular German-inspired slag recipe is the pork slag (slamsslag).


SlAG is made with meat and a variety of different vegetables.

You could also use a mix of pork and chicken, lamb and beef, or even vegetables like spinach, parsnips and carrots.

It could also be made from beef, pork and lamb or even veal.

Some recipes include sausages, beef patties, and veal sausage.

Slangkreuz (soup) can be made with a variety and can include beef and lamb, vegetables and herbs.


Slig is a versatile food.

Some dishes use only a few ingredients and others are filled with a lot.

Some examples of dishes that use more than one ingredient include sauerkraut, meatballs, and pork sausage.

You might also use the slag to make a soup or an egg wash.


You’ll need a lot to make this simple dish.

If you’re cooking it for someone else, you’ll need to purchase a large bag and then place it in a freezer for a couple of weeks.

This is because slag is incredibly difficult to separate and clean.


Slagen (sausage) is the main ingredient.

It adds a bit of texture to the dish and it also has a good crunch.

You should also try using some cheese and sour cream.


The cooking method is very different to that of meat.

This method is a bit like making a traditional sausag but it involves heating up a pot of water and cooking the meat.

The pot is then put over a fire and the meat is cooked in the hot water.

Slage is then poured into a saucepan and allowed to cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

When the meat comes out, the sauce has a nice texture.

Slagging meat and adding sauce in the same pan can add a wonderful flavour and texture to a dish.


A traditional German dish called the wurstkreutte (sour soup) is made by boiling a mixture of beef, lamb, and fish.

It has a lot going for it.

You may add a bit more sour cream or some onions and mushrooms.


You probably already have some basic cooking skills.

Here are some tips on how to make your slag in the kitchen.


Measure your ingredients carefully.

You want to know exactly what’s in the slags you’re preparing.

Be sure to measure the meat and vegetables separately so you know what you need.

This will help you with determining how much is in each part.

Also, check that the cooking method doesn’t cause any flavours to go bad.

For example, a sausaging pan that cooks slowly and is covered with water can have a very strong flavour.


It will take a lot for your slags to cook evenly.

You need to use a lot more cooking liquid than usual to make sure your slagging won’t overcook.

To do this, add a lot water to the pot to increase the temperature.


You will need a big kettle.

If your slagy is too small, you may have to add water to it.

This can also cause the slagy to become sticky.

If this happens, you can boil your slagi to help the slagi cook evenly and it won’t go rancid.


Use a grater.

You don’t have to use one

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Why Coal Slag is So Dangerous to the Environment: The Story of Coal Slags

September 18, 2021 Comments Off on Why Coal Slag is So Dangerous to the Environment: The Story of Coal Slags By admin

Slag — or slag — is a dirty word.

It’s a waste of money.

But it’s also the product of a dirty industry, and it’s the dirtiest of all things.

It is produced by a dirty process, and most people aren’t aware of how dirty it is.

But you’d never know it unless you know how dirty coal mining is.

A lot of the dirt that comes out of coal mines is toxic.

And a lot of that stuff is very bad for the environment, including slag.

It contains a variety of pollutants, including arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and sulfur dioxide.

In fact, coal slag has been known to contain about 90 percent mercury, which is the most dangerous of all chemicals.

But because of how it’s produced, coal mines aren’t regulated by the federal government.

That means that miners have no legal recourse against companies that are responsible for slag production.

It also means that coal slags aren’t subject to any of the environmental laws that govern all forms of pollution.

This is because the U.S. has the worst track record in the world for environmental protection.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, America has a global ranking of 137th out of 178 countries in terms of the number of climate disasters it has experienced in the past five years.

So the fact that we’re in this bad spot is a real indictment of how bad things are going.

The U.N. says the global total of climate-related catastrophes is nearly 2.4 trillion, which includes 1.3 trillion global deaths.

But the U,S.

leads the pack when it comes to coal production and pollution.

The industry has been producing coal for thousands of years.

But by the early 1900s, it was being pushed out of mines in large numbers.

And when coal was pushed out, the industry developed new processes that turned it into a toxic waste.

It turned the slag into a material that could be easily used as a raw material for industrial products.

As a result, coal companies began to turn coal slagging into a profitable business.

That’s when the U.,S.

developed its coal-fired power plants and industrial-scale coal-burning power plants.

Now, in an effort to make up for lost profits, coal-slagging has become a business for the entire industry.

It was already an industry in the U-S., but it wasn’t as profitable.

In recent years, however, coal mining companies have become increasingly savvy at finding new ways to exploit slags, according to the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

In the past decade, the number the U has added to its coal slagged capacity has tripled, according the U; that’s more than three times what it was in 1999.

Now it’s one of the largest coal-mining nations in the country.

The new coal-blasting technology is now a major part of coal mining, and the process has expanded so rapidly that it now has about 5 percent of the world’s production of coal slogs.

The coal industry has a history of corruption, but now, that has become even more of a problem.

The corruption, according of one industry expert, is a form of “crony capitalism.”

And this is what has led to this scandal.

In 2015, the International Labor Organization found that mining companies are responsible in at least one-third of the deaths in the mining industry.

According the report, “the main culprits of coal-related deaths are not miners, but their bosses.”

According to a 2016 report by the New York Times, “miners, coal industry officials and politicians have repeatedly violated the rights of miners to a fair trial, compensation and safe working conditions.”

And in the latest investigation by The New York Post, a former coal miner testified to the U as part of a criminal investigation.

The former miner, who asked not to be named, told the Post that “miner safety is at the heart of all of the company’s actions and has been for decades.”

The Times report noted that this is happening in the midst of a massive push for new coal mining technology.

One of the new technology developments that is coming online is a process that can make coal slagg more profitable.

It involves turning coal slAG into a metal called chromium boron nitride.

And that process is already being used in some mines.

But in the new process, instead of simply turning coal to metal, they’re turning the slAG to a process called metallurgical slag processing.

That process converts the slags to a more durable material called chromite, which can be used in steel.

It has a higher melting point, meaning it can withstand more extreme temperatures.

This process is now being used at more than half of all U. of A. coal mines.

So while coal miners have lost a

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Why the British are the most creative of all countries in the world

September 16, 2021 Comments Off on Why the British are the most creative of all countries in the world By admin

The world’s creative people have been flocking to Britain since the Industrial Revolution, according to a new study.

And they’re finding it surprisingly difficult to get a job in the country.

The authors of the study, from the University of Bath, looked at a broad range of data about creativity in the UK and found that Britain is among the most entrepreneurial countries in Europe.

But they also found that it is also one of the most boring places to live.

There are a lot of things to do in Britain.

So, you know, when I look at a map of the UK, I’m pretty much stuck there.

What I find fascinating is that it’s quite an interesting contrast between the United States and Britain, which is a lot less of an entrepreneurial society, says Prof Jonathan Palfrey, the study’s author.

“It’s an interesting comparison because there’s a lot going on here in the US, in terms of the number of people who get jobs and the number that get jobs.

“We have to find a way of getting our creative minds working. “

“You know, we can’t sit around waiting for a job to come along, because that just makes us boring and lazy.” “

In terms of creativity, Prof Palfray said that a lot more creativity is going on in the United Kingdom than in the U.S. There’s a whole new generation of creative people, he says, who are getting their start in the city, and they’re using their skills to solve big problems. “

You know, we can’t sit around waiting for a job to come along, because that just makes us boring and lazy.”

In terms of creativity, Prof Palfray said that a lot more creativity is going on in the United Kingdom than in the U.S. There’s a whole new generation of creative people, he says, who are getting their start in the city, and they’re using their skills to solve big problems.

“The new generation is a very important part of our economy.

“And this is the first time that we’ve found out that they’re very successful, very successful in business, in academia, in the arts and in other things. “

“When you look at that, and you look around the world, you don’t see that many creative people.” “

The authors found that the UK is home to some of the world’s highest levels of creativity and the world has one of its most successful creative industries. “

When you look at that, and you look around the world, you don’t see that many creative people.”

The authors found that the UK is home to some of the world’s highest levels of creativity and the world has one of its most successful creative industries.

They looked at data from the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the Uppsala University, and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).

They looked also at the number and quality of companies in the sectors of art, music, design, fashion, media, publishing, technology and media production.

They found that London had the highest percentage of companies with creative teams, followed by the Ummayad-Ezzedine neighbourhood of London, followed in the west by the capital, Paris, and in the south by Birmingham.

London has the highest number of startups in the industry and the highest level of creative workers, the authors found.

But it’s also home to a low rate of creative jobs, with just 13.5% of the workforce being creative in the most recent data from 2010, compared with 22.4% in the capital.

The British creative economy is growing fast, but it’s in the process of declining, the researchers said.

They said that the current boom in the creative sector is not sustainable.

“There’s no doubt that there’s going to be a big impact of the recession on the creative economy,” said Professor Palfrie.

It’s a problem, the scientists added, that the creative industries are increasingly dependent on outside funding. “

If we don’t recover, it’s going, I believe, to be the end of the creative renaissance.”

It’s a problem, the scientists added, that the creative industries are increasingly dependent on outside funding.

“That’s the big challenge, and we need all the creative minds in this country working together to find solutions.” “

The study, titled Creative economy, creative workforce, and creativity in Britain, was published in the journal Creative Skills and Skills. “

That’s the big challenge, and we need all the creative minds in this country working together to find solutions.”

The study, titled Creative economy, creative workforce, and creativity in Britain, was published in the journal Creative Skills and Skills.

The BBC News app is available on both Apple TV and Apple TV App stores.

The team also interviewed people who are making their living in the business of creativity.

For more BBC News stories, go to

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How to make a slag glass

September 16, 2021 Comments Off on How to make a slag glass By admin

Slag glass, or “slag”, is a mineral found in many forms in the earth’s crust.

The mineral is also known as rock salt, gravel, or slag.

It’s a valuable material that can be used in building construction and for making glass.

Some materials like concrete, granite, and sandstone have high levels of slag and other minerals, but it’s the slag that has the most value.

A slag piece made from the earth itself has a high surface tension, meaning that it’s hard enough to move a bit without breaking.

Slag is a type of sediment, which means that it comes from the ground and doesn’t contain water.

It has a very soft texture that is very easy to shape.

You can make a glass slag by grinding a piece of rock.

To grind the rock, you just dip a spoonful of the slake and stir it.

Slake glass has a hardness of about 600 to 700.

Slags also have a very low melting point, meaning they are very soft to melt.

The melting point of slags varies depending on how they were ground.

The softer the sludge, the harder the slags can be.

This hardness is a key factor when you are making slag from the Earth’s crust and it is important to use high-quality rocks for this purpose.

Some common minerals used for slagging are calcium, iron, magnesium, nickel, and cobalt.

Most slag is also made from quartz, which is a hard, crystalline mineral.

Slats are commonly used for making jewelry, but some other minerals like magnesium and cobblestones can also be used.

Slang glass is one of the more common types of glass slags used in manufacturing.

Glass slag can be made from any kind of mineral, but slag makes up a large portion of the glass used in some industrial and residential applications.

There are many types of slagging, and some of the most common ones include granite, cobalt, nickel and nickel-alloys.

The most common slag materials are cobalt and nickel, although some other materials like granite, limestone, and dolomite are also used.

You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

slag slag recipe slag article A sludge glass is a very thin piece of glass that has a hard surface.

A small amount of water can be poured into the glass to soften it.

It then slowly cools, and the crystalline material forms a slurry.

The crystalline part of the mineral forms a hard layer on top of the solid material.

When the slurry cools enough, the slage glass can be heated to an acceptable temperature.

This process of cooling the slasher glass to an ideal temperature allows the crystallized material to solidify, and it allows the glass slasher to solidifies into a hard solid.

The process of crystallizing is called evaporation, and this process is used in the manufacture of slasher glasses.

Slashers are a type or category of slashers used in construction.

They have a slasher head with a spring-loaded mechanism that is inserted into the slasher, and a spring on the other end of the spring can be pushed.

The spring pushes the slahers head down, which pushes the crystal in the slashing head.

This causes the crystal to form an elongated slat.

When a spring is pushed into a slasherer head, the crystal forms a small slit, which forms a solid.

When it solidifies, it forms a crystal of slagged material.

Slasher glass is also used in many other applications.

Some slasheers are used in plumbing systems.

Another popular application is in the construction of glass walls.

Slashing is also a method for cleaning the glass.

For glass, it is used to create a finish that can withstand high temperatures and abrasive environments.

Slazers are also common tools used to break glass.

When broken, the glass is typically bent and re-shaped.

In order to do this, you can bend or break the glass with a knife or a hammer.

Slat shavings can also create a beautiful surface.

You might find a lot of slavings on the side of a road or along a street.

A few years ago, slasers were banned from being used in restaurants.

Slasinobot is a glass-based material.

Its unique property is that it has a low melting temperature, making it hard to melt and then hard to break.

The material is used primarily for glass slashing.

A lot of glass is used as slag for slasering.

Slap glass has been around for a long time.

In fact, glass slagging is used throughout history.

Slahers were originally invented in the 19th century.

Today, slasher slashes are used for the production

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The Best of Samantha Slager

September 12, 2021 Comments Off on The Best of Samantha Slager By admin

Samantha Slanger, the infamous Texas Sheriff’s Department officer who was caught on tape slamming a handcuffed teen into a wall and beating him with her baton during a traffic stop, is set to go to trial next week, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The former deputy will be tried for felony criminal mischief and abuse of power and misdemeanor assault, and she faces up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine, according to the Dallas News.

According to the article, Slager will plead not guilty to the charges.

Slager has been on leave since the incident on April 5, 2016, when she was responding to a report of a woman who had been “running down the road” and the victim “was coming at her with a baseball bat.”

Slager’s use of force during the incident was caught by a dashboard camera in the video, which shows her slamming the victim to the ground with her fists and kneeing him in the head and face with her forearm.

The video was played for jurors during Slager’s trial.

Slanger has been under scrutiny since it was revealed she assaulted an unarmed black teenager, Deandre Campbell, who was riding a bicycle with his mother, when he was stopped for speeding in 2015.

The two were on a separate patrol, according a transcript of the video obtained by the Dallas Observer.

A Dallas police report states that Campbell “was acting aggressively and aggressively towards the deputy,” and that “the victim had his hands in the air.”

The victim, who also went by the nickname Samantha, was able to use the word “stop” in a language Slager could not understand and was later placed in a chokehold, the report said.

“He was getting choked.

He was trying to say ‘stop,'” the victim said in the audio recording.”



Stop,” Slager yelled, and the teen “had his hands up, he was on his knees and he was being choked.”

In the video of the incident, Slanger can be heard yelling, “Stop!” and “Get away from me!

Get away from him!”

The victim could be heard saying, “No, no, no.”

He also can be seen crying, “Please stop.

Please stop.”

In a statement, Campbell’s mother, Gloria Campbell, said the family was “very disappointed” in the outcome of Slager and that the “totally unacceptable” conduct was “a violation of human rights.”

“I am devastated,” Gloria Campbell said.

“I am angry, and I am disgusted.

It is not the first time he has been arrested and charged with a crime and this is going to make me furious.

I think we have to stand up for our kids.

We have to take a stand.

We are going to fight.”

In December 2016, Slagers defense attorneys requested a jury trial because of her past history of disciplinary issues, according the Dallas Independent.

The incident happened just months after the shooting death of 19-year-old Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, which sparked nationwide protests.

“In addition to the video being the catalyst for the civil rights movement, it was the first video that sparked our entire community to stand against racism and racial profiling,” Campbell said at the time.

“As we watch the videos, we are seeing the results of our fight.

Our children and grandchildren are suffering and we must hold the police accountable for what they did.”

Slagers defense team is seeking the dismissal of all of the charges, as well as damages, but prosecutors have asked for a reduced sentence.

In addition, Slangers attorneys have also requested the release of Slanger’s 911 call log that would provide a more accurate account of what occurred, according The Dallas Observer .

“In the last three years, Samantha has not been involved in a traffic incident.

She has not had a violent arrest or been involved with any serious criminal charges,” Slagers attorneys wrote in a letter to the district attorney, the Daily Beast reported.


How to Make a Conical Slag Mold from Scratch

September 10, 2021 Comments Off on How to Make a Conical Slag Mold from Scratch By admin

When you’re stuck with the idea of making a Conic Slag mold from scratch, there’s nothing better than having a friend help you along the way.

Here are six steps you can take to get your slag to look and feel like a Cony Slag.

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